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Making Connections: Customizing Your SocialHoot Dashboard

In our first blog I provided an overview of our SocialHoot: Social Media Marketing Automation Platform. It was a quick rundown of some of the major features of the platform.

But it would be wrong of me if I didn’t provide you with a deeper dive into each one of the features. In this post I’ll show you how to create connections to all your social media profiles, Google My Business account, integrate your chosen email platform, and more.

Hopefully this article provides a deeper understanding of how these feature sets work together and how it can be utilized to build your visibility. In future blog posts I will detail other capabilities of SocialHoot, so make sure to subscribe - so you don't miss anything.

Getting Started

Once you have logged into your SocialHoot account, the first thing you do is connect your social media properties to the platform. This is accomplished by simply clicking the icon of each social media platform and signing in with your credentials..

It doesn’t matter if you are a SocialHoot subscriber using the platform directly to market your brand, or if we are managing your social media for you. All clients connect their existing or new social media accounts to the platform.

You can connect all your social media properties to SocialHoot. Connect your Twitter, Facebook Groups & Pages, Instagram, and LinkedIn Profile and Company Page. You can even connect Google My Business to your account. We don’t limit the number of social accounts connected to dashboard, like the other companies do - SocialHoot is unlimited.

Google Your Business

Connecting your Google My Business account allows you to post directly to your brand’s online profile. Promote your blog posts, company announcements, and much more.

If you're not already setup on Google My Business, I encourage you to do so. It's one of the best tools for getting your business found on the Internet. If you need help setting up your Google My Business account, call on us - we'll be happy to get you setup and on your way.

SocialHoot gives you the tools you need to post to all these different types of online profiles.

Need help, not sure of the steps? Don’t worry, each section has video tutorials that provide complete instructions on how to use that section. No need for boring manuals, the platform comes complete with succinct video instructions, as well as use cases for every tool set.

Build Contact Database

After connecting all your social media properties there is one or two more connections you’ll want to make. The first one is the email platform you are currently using.

Click on Email Integration in the menu bar, SocialHoot provides integration to two of the most used web-based email programs, Constant Contact and MailChimp. Choose your email solution and log into your account using your User ID and Password.

Connecting your SocialHoot account with either of these email platforms allows you to send email addresses, and other contact information captured from your Social Sweepstakes, Daily Deals, and Content Banners directly to any customer list you have created in either Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll be presented with a drop-down list selector for Sweepstakes, Deals, and Banners. Select the appropriate mail lists for each promotion you intend to run and then click Save and you’re all set.

Really Simple Syndication

Secondly, you’ll want to connect any custom RSS feeds that you want to include in your posts to social media. Now this could be the RSS feed from your company blog or YouTube channel, but it could also be an external news or information source that is pertinent to your business or brand.

Once you have added the RSS feed to your dashboard it shows up in the Content Tab of your Social Media section Social Hoot. Click on the dropdown menu of RSS feeds and your custom feed is displayed under the My Feeds label.

Then you can select which stories you want to post. You can add your own commentary about the pending post, select the profiles you want to share the content to and select when you want it to post. There are many ways to use this feature, you can share both internal and external content to your social profiles.

Use it how you see fit to share breaking industry news, your brand’s perspectives, or just a topical meme to keep your audience entertained and amused. It’s completely up to you – there’s no limit to the number of RSS feeds you can add to your dashboard. Once added, you can pick and choose content as you like for inclusion in your social media posts and feeds.

Now that you have connected and customized your social media dashboard you are ready to start utilizing all the features available with our SocialHoot Platform.

I’ll be detailing how to use the Social Sweepstakes feature in the next blog post. Until then we’re currently running a contest using the Social Sweepstakes feature of the SocialHoot platform. We’re giving away one full year of SocialHoot Premium to one lucky winner.


This is an international contest, there is no purchase required to win. So, you don’t forget, enter today, the SocialHoot contest ends on 10/31/2021. WIN a FREE year of SocialHoot!

Use the link to see example of a Social Sweepstakes, and enter our contest. Good Luck!

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