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SocialHoot: Social Media Marketing Automation Platform

As this is the first real blog post on our website, I thought I would first introduce myself and then cover the basics of our SocialHoot software platform, to provide an overview.

First off, my name is Bruce Burke, I am the Founder & CEO of The Mandalay Group. I have marketed a litany of products for various companies over the last three decades. In my career, I have marketed everything from telephony to biodiesel production equipment – and everything in between. In this time, I’ve done everything from designing traditional magazine ads, and product posters to marketing sophisticated cloud service platforms that performed transactional gymnastics.

As I am a marketing generalist and can design, layout and create the content individually I have found one limitation within myself, which I cannot overcome – I am but one person. And one individual only has so many hours in a day. And that’s where the SocialHoot social media marketing automation platform comes into play.

Let’s face it marketing is a 24 hour a day business. It doesn’t start at 9 and only go to 5, like most employees, marketing must be on 24 hours a day - and there is no way I can be …

When we are asleep here in the U.S., the other half of the planet is working. So, it’s 24/7/365.

Social Scheduling

To combat this conundrum, our SocialHoot platform features advanced scheduling for posting to social media profiles. Create content for scheduled distribution an hour or a week from now. You can schedule content to be automatically posted while you’re asleep or working with other clients. You can schedule curated content, RSS feeds, video, audio, images, and hyperlinks – once or repeating as part of a scheduled campaign to raise awareness and visibility.

For instance, I will schedule this blog post to be sent out through all my social feeds, four times a day, for one week. After I write the next blog post I will post it around the clock for a week and so on. One of the best ways I have found to establish your brand as a thought leader is to publish news about the happenings in your industry. So as an extra bonus with SocialHoot you can add a banner to any industry news story you publish that links readers back to your website.

In future blogs I’ll do price comparisons between our platform and the others. But basically, SocialHoot allows you to add as many social media profiles as you like without extra charges.

Unlimited social accounts may be connected to your dashboard without additional cost.

Now I don’t want to tarry on any one feature of the system, this blog is designed to be an overview on the entire technology platform. In future blog posts I will do a deep dive and drill down to the specifics on how to use each feature of the SocialHoot platform – so let’s go.

Advanced Analytics

Other issues I have encountered in my marketing career is those pesky bosses or clients who want metrics and answers but don’t seem to have the time to listen to your reports and ignore your emails. They are skeptical of marketing to begin with and, want to know what they are getting for their money. They will cut the budget, or the project if you can’t provide answers.

With SocialHoot we can either offer the platform as a D.I.Y. solution for marketers working for an employer, or we can assist brands by utilizing the platform to market their products, and simultaneously give them access to platform so they can login individually and review comprehensive analytics and reporting on all traffic for social posts, websites and more.

There is an exhaustive amount of data that is gleaned from all this traffic, so the platform offers the ability to build custom reports that provides the data you want at-a-glance, while still offering the ability to drill down deeper if new data points arise that need attention. You’ll want to understand how this works, so please subscribe so you don’t miss any posts.

Landing The Deal

There are a variety of platforms out there for performing tasks related to social media marketing. But most don’t include the ability to add landing pages. Instead, they are usually a separate software subscription. Or they are included with a behemoth software platform that have capabilities far beyond that of what you need, and with the price tag to prove it.

SocialHoot allows the creation of Social Sweepstakes, Limited Promotions, and Social Shopping Cart style landing pages. Gain new followers and buyers with pages designed to provoke action from your visitors. You can post a poll, throw a contest, post content available for download after a visitor’s information has been received, build online shops, or just collect an email address for blog subscriptions.

We are currently running using the Social Sweepstakes feature of the SocialHoot platform to give away one full year of SocialHoot Premium to one lucky winner. This is an international contest, there is no purchase required to win. Don’t forget, enter today, the SocialHoot contest ends on 10/31/2021. Use the link below to see an example and enter our SocialHoot contest. https://socialhoot.co/biz/mandalaygroup/sweepstake/61631f06919f3

Integral Integrations

Heading back to the SocialHoot dashboard there is one last feature I want to touch on briefly before I end this initial blog post. Let’s talk about email campaigns, and how the email platform is usually seen as a separate interface, or an extremely limited interface in other platforms.

But with SocialHoot we went the extra mile and decided to create integrations for two of the most popular email platforms used worldwide, MailChimp and ConstantContact.

This is easily accomplished by simply logging into your account through the SocialHoot interface. Boom! Now you can use SocialHoot to track all your email campaigns, in the same interface you use to stay synched with your social media properties. With SocialHoot you can view traffic for your website, and landing pages, as well as get reports on all properties.

So now you can see that SocialHoot is a great tool that surpasses the competitors with a full-feature set of capabilities that are integrated into one easy to use interface. This results in a comprehensive solution, where everything works in harmony, all through a single interface.

If you’re interested in a SocialHoot subscription, please contact us for pricing. If you need managed marketing services, SocialHoot is included for all clients. Each is provided with their own individual login to view reports or get current with campaigns currently in the queue.

Before you go, don’t forget, we are giving away one full year of SocialHoot Premium to one lucky winner. This is an international contest, there is no purchase required to win. Enter today, the contest ends on 10/31/2021. Use the link below to WIN SocialHoot Premium!


We look forward to meeting you and understanding how we can help your business grow.

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